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The 41B card is identical to the 41A variation with the only difference being the vehicles and playsets shown on the reverse of the card. The left hand box shows the Imperial TIE Fighter, X-Wing Fighter and Star Destroyer playset. It says (With Figures) under the text for Star Destroyer playset. This card variation, and all card variations up until 45A were manufactured in Hong Kong at the Kader Industries or Smile factory by the Palitoy (Far East) Company Ltd and then shipped back assembled to the Coalville factory in the UK. You can see is says Made in Hong Kong on the back of the card above the right hand box. The letter K next to it stands for Kader Industries and is the factory code that was also shown on Kenner cards that were also manufactured in the Kader Industries factory.

There are versions of this card that have a small blue sticker over the (With Figures) text. This is because the Palitoy version of the Star Destroyer playset did not include figures. It is possible that there was a plan to include figures with the playset which later changed, or it was just a mistake that they were going to be included. In some cases the text was scored out with blue biro pen. Presumably this was done in factory before the small blue stickers were available.

There is a sub variation where there is no factory code K for Kader Industries next to the Made in Hong Kong Text which is the 41BN variation. In this case the factory code is S for Smile Industries and is to the left of the Greedo figure. This variation also has a perforated punch compared to the 41B variation. All figures found on the 41B variation can be found with the factory code K, whereas only a subset can be found with the S factory code on 41BN. Also, the 41C card variation which was manufactured later can only be found with the K factory code. The 41BN variation is generally less common than the 41B, though on some figures the 41BN is more common.

In the Netherlands, the 41B variation was sold with a wrap round Clipper sticker. The front of the card has the sticker on the right hand bottom corner with the same text that features on the 45BN in the tilted white box. The back of the card has the Clipper sticker on the lower half of the card covering up the English text that is there. Since this was not made up to be a Palitoy card, but a Clipper card, it is not given a sub variation on the Palitoy cardback guide. 

This card variation was also sold in the Dutch market with the addition of a wrap round yellow sticker.

Single stemmed bubbles with a footplate were used on all figures on this card variation. FX-7 (Medical Droid) had quite a large stem compared to other figures. This was also the first card variation which saw Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi (Grey Hair) as opposed to Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi (White Hair).