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There were 3 hand held weapons that were available in the Star Wars range from Palitoy. These were the Laser Pistol, Laser Rifle and Inflatable Light Saber and featured on the back of the cardback for Series I diecasts. These weapons came with identical packaging to their Kenner counterparts with exception of the Kenner logo which was replaced with the Palitoy one.

The most iconic of the two guns is the Laser Pistol which is also referred to as a Laser Blaster or Han's Blaster. The front of the box is open showing the gun inside with a picture of Han Solo holding the weapon in the bottom right hand corner which also features on the 12 back action figure cardback. The text 'Secret Button activates 2-speed "Laser" Sound!' is at the bottom of the box with the Palitoy logo to the right of this. A yellow star with arrow on the back of the inside of the box says 'Press SECRET BUTTON and pull trigger at same time to make sound' with the yellow arrow pointing at the not so secret button on the gun. The back of the box has the same picture of Han Solo in the middle with pictures each side showing how to use the gun.

The second gun is the 3 Position Laser Rifle which was a weapon use by Stormtroopers and used by Luke Skywalker while escaping from the Death Star. The front of the box is open again, showing the rifle inside, and has a clear plastic window covering. The bottom right hand corner has a picture of Luke holding the rifle in the scene where he swings across the walkway gap with Leia. The text 'Secret button activates "Laser" Sound. Laser Rifle has 2 exciting "Laser" Sounds! Barrel interior rotates with each "Laser" Sound. Uses 2 HP2 batteries (not included).' is at the bottom of the box with the Palitoy logo to the right of this. The Kenner version says "D" batteries rather than HP2 batteries. The Kenner version features the same yellow star with arrow pointing at the secret button seen on the Laser Pistol along with 3 pictures of a child holding the rifle in the 3 different positions on the back of the inside of the box. However, this is not seen on the Palitoy version which has a plain red back. The Palitoy version includes a folded instruction sheet behind the rifle which is not seen on the Kenner version. The back of the box features pictures showing how to fire the rifle and the 3 different positions the rifle can be configured in.

The instruction sheet inside the Palitoy version has the Palitoy logo in the bottom right hand corner and details how to insert batteries and fire the rifle.

There is also a rarer variant of the packaging which has a purple backdrop rather than the usual red.

The third weapon in the Palitoy Star Wars line was the inflatable Light Saber and had the same packaging as the Kenner version with the Kenner logo replaced with the Palitoy logo. The box came with a flap attached to the left hand side of the front of the box and featured a picture of 2 children playing with the sabers in a mock light saber fight. The Palitoy logo is in the bottom right hand corner with the text 'Contents: One Light Saber inflatable sword, lights up with the flick of the button! Uses two "D" batteries (not included)' and '35''Inflated Size' to the left of the logo. Because they forgot to change the American battery size from "D" to UK HP2 on the printed packaging, a purple sticker that say 'Uses two HP2 batteries (not included) is placed over the American battery size. The back of the box features 2 more pictures of children playing, one with the suggestion to use a balloon as a pretend remote training ball as seen on the Millenium Falcon. The back of the flap shows 3 pictures of Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi, Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader holding light sabers.

The contents consisted of the saber hilt which was essentially a flashlight, the inflatable saber a set of Palitoy instructions and a Kenner branded bag with some puncture repair plasters inside. The sabers weren't very good for play fighting and quickly punctured so this problem was acknowledged with the inclusion of the repair kit. Once punctured, your light saber effectively became a torch.