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Palitoy did various offers both for themselves and for other companies during the course of the 3 films that made up the original trilogy.

For Star Wars, they made the kite that was on offer from KP with their KP Outer Spacers crisps. You had to collect 3 empty crisp packets and then send them away with a cheque or postal order for 95p. An empty crisp packet is shown on the left and a magazine advert for the offer is shown on the right.

This is the kite you received once you had sent in the crisp packets and the 95p.

The front of the packaging has Hi Flier KEEL KITE on it and a picture of the kite which is blue and has an X-Wing Fighter on it being pursued and fired upon by a TIE Fighter. The kite has a 4ft wing span and unique flexhinge construction in writing underneath the picture. It also says Made in U.S.A. on it and then has the address of the Coalville factory and Palitoy logo to the right underneath this. So Palitoy had it made in America and then packaged it themselves. On the back of the packaging are instructions for assembly and flying of the kite along with the obligatory warning not to fly the kite near power lines.