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The standard action figures were 3.75 inches high. Larger versions were also produced that were 12 inches high, though R2-D2 and Jawa were shorter than this. These figures are most commonly referred to as Large Size Action Figures or 12 inch figures. They are also referred to as dolls, but this is an unpopular term with mostly male Star Wars collectors. Kenner in the USA produced 10 of the first 12 figures bar Sand People and Death Squad Commander as Large Size Action Figures along with Boba Fett. In the UK, Denys Fisher produced the majority of the UK versions of these figures, with examples seen for all the Kenner produced figures with the exception of Jawa, Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi and Boba Fett. Palitoy only produced two figures, Princess Leia Organa and Luke Skywalker at their factory in Coalville.

Princess Leia Organa is the most common figure of the two which can be found boxed. The box is rectangular with a clear plastic window on the front which stretches the length of the figure so you can see all of its features. A headshot of the character is shown underneath this. A bendable flap is attached to the left of the window showing a full body shot of the character with the characters name above it with LARGE SIZE ACTION FIGURE written underneath. The Star Wars Logo is below the full body shot picture with the Palitoy logo underneath this. The figure comes attached to a blue coloured cardboard tray insert. There is a detachable grey belt that fits round the figures waist and blue plastic comb and brush accessories that came in a clear plastic bag that is used to keep the hair in those trademark Danish pastries. The clothes are all fully detachable from the figure. 

The Kenner branded hair styling booklet that came with the Kenner version was also included in the Palitoy version. This booklet had guides for how to give the figure 5 different hairstyles called Star Puffs, Star Swirl, Star Burst, Lunar Loops and Sun Sweep.

Luke Skywalker is the other figure that was made by Palitoy and is less common to find boxed than Princess Leia Organa. The hair on this figure is moulded plastic, so no comb is required! The cardboard tray insert for this figure is orange and it comes with light saber and grappling hook accessories attached to the side of the tray in a clear plastic bag that the figure can hold. Again, the clothes are all fully detachable from the figure. A small instruction leaflet that detailed how the boots could be removed with the aid of talc powder was also included and can be seen to the right of the head of the figure.

Palitoy did not produce an R2-D2 version of this figure unlike Kenner in the USA and Denys Fisher in the UK. However they did produce a Talking R2-D2 in their Talking toys range which also included non Star Wars toys like Talking K-9 and Talking Batmobile. This talking version of R2-D2 was only made by Palitoy. The figure came in a rectangular box that featured a picture of the figure on the front of the box. Underneath this picture was the name Talking R2-D2 and then the phrase '4 Different phrases and sounds from your favourite Star Wars character' was underneath this with the Palitoy logo to the right. One of the spoken phrases 'I am R2-D2. Beep. Beep.' is featured in a yellow starred speech bubble common from R2-D2's dome in the picture of the figure. Inside, the figure came with a detachable plate on the back of the figure which 2 AA batteries were inserted into. There was also a one page instruction sheet with the Palitoy logo in the bottom left hand corner that detailed how to place the batteries inside the figure.

Palitoy also produced a version of the Kenner Radio Controlled R2-D2, but this is generally not considered to be part of the Large Size Action Figure range, it is shown here as being most appropriate to be paired with Talking R2-D2. The figure was contained in a rectangular box with a bendable flap attached to the back right hand side of the box. The packaging is identical to the Kenner version with the exception of the Palitoy logo on the bottom right hand corner of the box. The front of the box featured a picture of the figure with the dome turning and a small boy in the background holding a remote control. Inside, the figure came inside two moulded white plastic trays along with the remote control. A one page instruction sheet with the Palitoy logo in the bottom left corner detailed how batteries had to be inserted into the remote control and also into the back of the figure, which had a detachable back plate like the Talking R2-D2. A small Kenner catalogue sometimes was included as well, which contained some of the Kenner line of toys available.