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The 65B card variation is almost identical to the 65A variation. The front of the card is the same and there are two small differences on the back of the card. The trademark information on the bottom left hand corner has changed from 5 lines to 4 and is in a larger font. This matches the trademark information on 65C cards which are known to come later than the 65A, making this card the 65B. The other difference is that letters HN no longer appears after the (ROJ/2) text on the bottom right hand corner. This indicates that these cards were manufactured in the Coalville factory in the UK while the 65A cards were manufactured in Hong Kong. So the 65A and 65B card variations happened at the same time, but in different factory locations. The punch is unperforated compared to the 65A card which is perforated.

The same set of 17 ROTJ figures were released on this card.

In the Netherlands, the 65A variation and also the 65B and 65C were sold with a wrap round Clipper sticker. The front of the card has the sticker on the right hand bottom corner with the same text that features on the 45BN in the tilted white box. The back of the card has the Clipper sticker on the lower half of the card covering up the English text that is there. Since this was not made up to be a Palitoy card, but a Clipper card, it is not given a sub variation on the Palitoy cardback guide. 

This card featured Tri-Logo style bubbles or double stemmed bubbles found on 45 back cards. There is also a very rare curved double stemmed bubble that came on on this card variation. This has only been seen on Logray. There is also a rectangular bubble that came on Logray which has rounded corners on the backplate which has gaps at the bottom of the bubble seal showing it was sealed on the same machine as the one used for double stemmed bubbles.