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The 70C card variation is almost the same as the 70B card variation with one visible difference on the front of the card. The bubble area with the coloured paper is slightly bigger on the 70C variation which makes the border area of the bottom of the bubble half a centimetre lower than on the 70B card. On the 70B the bubble border is flush with the bottom of the name tag. This has moved the Lucasfilm copyright text so it is printed in black text on the white border on the bottom of the bubble instead of being printed in white text on the black background of the card. The other difference is that the card is of a slightly thinner thickness than the 70B. This can just about be seen when holding the cards side on but is more prominent when the cards are waved from side to side. They give noticeably different sounds when you do this. This can be the only way of identifying lose cardbacks because when the bubble is ripped off it tends to rip off the differentiating bubble area of the card on the thinner 70C card. This card variation was manufactured in a number of European factories, including the Coalville factory in the UK.

There are only a few figures that came out on the 70C variation which makes them rarer than the more common 70B. Some have only been seen on a single card, Nikto and 8D8 being examples of this. The two blacked out figures on the back of the card, Paploo and Lumat, are only seen on this card variation. These figures were released later than the other figures on Tri-Logo, making the 70C later than the 70B variation.

There are also sub variations of this card where the country of origin is different from Hong Kong. The 70CC sub variation says Made In China rather than Made In Hong Kong on the bottom right hand corner on the front of the card. The figures Han Solo and Luke Skywalker (X-Wing Pilot) have been seen on this sub variation. The 70CM is Made in Macao with the addition of a small adhesive label over the original country of origin text. Various figures have been seen on this sub variation. The last sub variation 70CX says Made in Mexico. Paploo and Lumat are the only 2 figures to come on this sub variation.

In the Netherlands this card variation was released with a tearaway mini catalogue on the back of the card.

Tri-Logo style bubbles featured on this card variation. The majority of bubbles seen on this card variation are the short indented bubbles seen on the 70B variation. The Lando Calrissian (Skiff Guard Disguise) example below is one of these. The Paploo and Lumat figures came in much smaller bubbles as can be seen in the Paploo example below.