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The CL45 card is an ESB Clipper card produced for the Dutch and Belgian markets and is referred to as a Clipper card or Dutch Clipper card or just Dutch card. This was produced in the factory at the same time as the regular Palitoy 45B card and featured the same set of 45 figures on the back of the card. The front of the card has 2 differences to the Palitoy 45B card. The first difference is a tilted white box on the top left hand corner on the front of the card that says 'Gratis Premies! Zie Achterzijde' and 'Offre Gratuite. Voir Au Verso.' The phrase is the Dutch and French for 'For free offers! See back'. The second difference is in the top right hand corner where it is says '4 jaar en ouder' which is Dutch for '4 years and older'.

The back of the CL45 card is the same as the back of the Palitoy 45B card with the special offer at the bottom of the card being replaced with a white box contained details of the special offers available in Dutch on the left hand side and in French on the right hand side. Below this white box is copyright and address details for Clipper Games and Toys B.V.

There were 3 offers which were available. These were roughly translated as 'With the purchase of 4 figurines Star Wars. A Boba Fett or a Survival Kit. Free of charge', 'With the purchase of 12 Star Wars figurines, a free Arena display' and 'With the purchase of 20 Star Wars figurines, a collector's box'Darth Vader' free'. Following that are details of how to send in for the special offers with an address in Amsterdam and Brussels on the Dutch side of the white box, and a different address in Brussels for the French side of the white box.

The Dutch text 'AKTIEFIGUURTJES 1-45' is above the picture of the 45 action figures on the back of the card. There are 5 figures which have yet to be seen on this card variation. They are Han Solo, Sand People, Star Destroyer Commander, Snaggletooth and Boba Fett. Sand People has not been seen on Palitoy 45B or the German General Mills GM45A & GM45B cards either, so it looks like it never existed. Boba Fett is unlikely to exist too.

The text on the Artoo-Detoo (R2-D2) (With Sensorscope) card under the name plate on the front of the card was changed to 'nu met Sensorscope' on the Dutch version of the card which translates to 'Now with Sensorscope'. On C-3PO (Removeable Limbs) it was changed to 'nu met verwijderbare romp armen en benen + rugzak' which translates to 'Now with removable trunk arms and legs + backpack'.

The Palitoy factory ran out of Palitoy 45B cards for some of it's figures and used Dutch Clipper cards instead. The card has a Palitoy sticker covering the entire bottom half of the reverse of the card to cover up the Dutch and French writing. This sticker had the same text as on the back of the bottom half of the Palitoy 45C variation. This sticker had only been seen on Zuckuss and is known as 45BN on the Palitoy matrix. They would have used a German General Mills card if one was available, but there is no Zuckuss card for this either.

This card saw the same bubbles being used to seal the cards as were used on the Palitoy 45B card. These were double stemmed bubbles that have a waffle seal pattern visible or single stemmed bubbles with a bubble number embossed in the bottom right hand corner of the bubble. The seals on single stemmed bubbles have a smooth seal unlike the waffle seal seen on the double stemmed bubbles. The Dengar card used a wide double stemmed bubble which is very low down versus the coloured bubble area on the card.

Clipper cards accounted for 277 of the 11534 unused cardbacks acquired by Toy Toni after the Palitoy factory in Coalville closed and subsequently made into MOC with unused bubbles. The unused cardbacks were 72 Rebel Commander, 69 Hammerhead, 69 Bespin Security Guard (White), 56 Walrus Man and 11 Dengar. Rebel Commander and Bespin Security Guard (White) were not listed as being Clipper on the original sales list that Toni got, but both the German General Mills and Dutch Clipper were offered on, so a 50/50 split is assumed. Hammerhead, Walrus Man and Dengar were listed as German on the sales list but these were not offered for sale on, but the Clipper versions were so they are assumed to be Clipper.

Toni used single stem bubbles which have no number embossed on them in the bottom right hand corner. Bubbles used on genuine factory cards have this number. Toni also had a supply of the 03 bubble, so bubbles with 03 embossed on them could be his too. Figures used a fixed bubble number and these are detailed on the Palitoy 45B page. So if a figure is using the wrong bubble number, this is also a sign that the card is not genuine.

Toni also used double stemmed bubbles and these are narrower than the double stemmed bubbles that were normally used on genuine cards. He would regularly offer both bubble types to collectors saying that it would take him a few days to locate the other bubble type if they bought the other one first. This was him making a made to order MOC.