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The release of the first 17 set of ROTJ figures gave rise to the 65A card variation. The ROTJ logo on the front of the card has a black border underneath the Jedi text in the ROTJ logo in  a similiar way to the 45B variation. The Ages 4 and up text now appears on the top left hand corner of the card with the same text in German underneath it. On the top right hand corner the text is repeated in French, Dutch and Italian. This was a pre-cursor to the Tri-Logo cards which featured the ROTJ logo in English, Spanish and French. The back of the card shows the new range of figures which were available which was 65. The Nien Nunb special offer which is on the back of the 45C variation is repeated and has been moved further down the card to make way for the new figures. 2 of the new figures, Logray (Ewok Medicine Man) and Chief Chirpa are blacked out on the card. This was because initially, the Ewok characters were to be kept a secret that would be found out when the film was seen for the first time. The bottom right hand corner of the back of the card has (ROJ/2) followed by the letters HN afterwards and slightly lower down. This is the factory code indicating where the cards were made. This is a natural progression from (ROJ1) on the 45C variation. The HN letter code indicates that these cards were manufactured in Asia by the Palitoy (Far East) Ltd company. The first letter H of this code indicates the factory location, Hong Kong in this case. Like with the 45CN variation the punch is perforated on this card.

The earlier Star Wars and ESB figures came out on the 45C and 65D cards. There are no other figures on this card variation. The mail away offer Nien Nunb has only been seen on a Tri-Logo card and may not have appeared on this card variation.

There is a sub variation of this card which is made in Taiwan rather than made in Hong Kong and is known as 65AW. It says Made in Taiwan rather than Made in Hong Kong on the bottom right hand corner on the front of the card. On the back the letters TJ follow the (ROJ/2) rather than HN. Here, the first letter T indicates the factory location was in Taiwan. Admiral Akbar and General Madine are the only 2 figures known to exist on this sub variation, and do not appear on the 65A variation. There are also two sub variations where the letters HG and HT follow the letters (ROJ/2) on the bottom right hand corner on the back of the card. The sub variation 65AG with the letters HG has been seen on the Logray (Ewok Medicine Man) and Biker Scout figures. The letter code HG indicates the cards were made in Hong Kong in the Kader Industries factory, where all the early card variations were made. The sub variation 65AT with the letters HT has only been seen on the Biker Scout figure and indicates the cards were made in Hong Kong in the Uni Toys factory.

In the Netherlands, the 65A variation and also the 65B and 65C were sold with a wrap round Clipper sticker. The front of the card has the sticker on the right hand bottom corner with the same text that features on the 45BN in the tilted white box. The back of the card has the Clipper sticker on the lower half of the card covering up the English text that is there. Since this was not made up to be a Palitoy card, but a Clipper card, it is not given a sub variation on the Palitoy cardback guide. 

There are also examples that have an additional tearaway mini catalogue added over the wrap round Clipper sticker on the back of the card. Some also have a small round yellow star sticker on the front of the card in the top right hand corner of the card that says Nieuwe Premies Nouvelles Primes. The phrase is the Dutch and French for New Rewards.

Some Palitoy overstock was sent to North American retail stores. Here is an example of a 65A with a Kenner free coin offer sticker attached that was sold at Wal-Mart.

This card variation saw the first appearance of the Tri-Logo style bubble. This is a large rectangular bubble with rounded corners. The bubble is quite thin and easily damaged so it is hard to find MOC examples with this bubble which are in good condition. The figure tends to rattle around inside the bubble. This card variation also had double stemmed bubbles found on 45 back cards. There a few figures that had different sized bubbles from the Tri-Logo bubble, some with numbers embossed on the bubble in the bottom right hand corner. Rees Yees used 016A, Klaatu used 015A and Weequay used 013A. Some numbers were embossed across the bottom of the bubble. Chief Chirpa used 04A and Luke Skywalker (Jedi Knight Outfit) used 013C.

A shaped bubble that fits round the head and shoulders of the figure can be seen on the Luke Skywalker (Jedi Knight) figure as well as a Tri-Logo and double stemmed bubbles.

Two figures appeared with bubble variations with a special bubble with a smaller upper bubble above the main bubble to hold the figure's detachable helmet. Lando Calrissian (Skiff Guard Disguise) had a Tri-Logo style bubble and three different versions of this special bubble. The first had a main bubble with a flat bottom, the second had a double stem and the third had a single stem on the right hand side for the weapon. This gives four bubble variations in total.

Princess Leia Organa (Boussh Disguise) also had this bubble with the separate bubble for the helmet. The first version had a main bubble with a flat bottom, the second had a very small single stem, the third had a double stem and the fourth had a single stem on the right hand side for the weapon, giving four bubble variations in total.