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The 45B card variation is the last card to bear the ESB logo on the front of the card. It is also the first card not to feature the Palitoy logo on the front of the card which tends to make it less popular with collectors. The card is the same as the 45A variation with the following differences. The special offer circle and Palitoy logo are missing from the front of the card. The ESB logo now has a black border to the left and right of the Wars text in the Star Wars logo. On the back of the card the Special Offers! text is now white instead of yellow and is in a much thinner font than on the 45A. The text describing the special offer is arranged a little differently and is of a bolder font than on the 45A. The Boba Fett symbol to the left of the Palitoy address now has stars in the background unlike the 45A which has no stars in the background. This is the first card variation that was manufactured in the Coalville factory in the UK, despite it saying Made in Hong Kong on the bottom line on the back of the card and also on the front the card in the bottom right hand corner.

It is believed that all of the earlier Star Wars and ESB figures appeared on this card. The figures without confirmed examples are Sand People, Hammerhead, Ugnaught, Lobot and Zuckuss. The Palitoy factory ran out of Palitoy 45B cards for some of it's figures and used German General Mills and Dutch Clipper cards which were also manufactured in the Coalville factory. These cards had a Palitoy sticker covering the entire bottom half of the reverse of the card to cover up the German and Dutch writing. This sticker had the same text as on the back of the bottom half of the 45C variation. The front of the German ESB card is identical to the front of the 45B. Several figures appeared with this sticker on a German card, AT-AT Commander, Dengar and R2-D2 with sensorscope for example. There is still the German writing that says jetzt mit Sensorscope on the front of the R2-D2 with sensorscope card which they chose not to cover up. This sticker variation is known as 45BD, the D standing for Deutschland/German. The Dutch Clipper ESB card has a tilted white box on the top left hand corner on the front of the card that says Gratis Premies! Zie Achterzijde and Offre Gratuite. Voir Au Vers. The phrase is the Dutch and French for For free offers! See back. On the top right hand corner is says 4 jaar en ouder which is Dutch for 4 years and older. Dengar, R2-D2 with sensorscope, Zuckuss, Imperial TIE Fighter Pilot and 4-LOM are known to have appeared on this card with a sticker on the back. This sticker variation is known as 45BN, the N standing for Netherlands/Dutch. The R2-D2 card says NU MET SENSORSCOPE instead of NOW!! WITH SENSORSCOPE on the front of the card. Zuckuss has only ever been found on the Dutch card which means it may never have existed as a 45B.

This card variation also saw the double stemmed bubble making its first appearance, but without the footplate seen on earlier card variations. No footplates are seen on any card variations from this variation onwards. The addition of the second stem allows the card to stand upright by itself. The double stemmed bubble also appeared on the 45C and 65D card variations. 

Single stemmed bubbles were seen on this card variation, but they are less common than the double stems. The single stem bubbles have a number embossed on the bubble in the bottom right hand corner. Certain figures only used certain bubble numbers. Han Solo used 04, Death Star Droid used 02, C-3PO (Removable Limbs) used 015, AT-AT Commander used 01 & 03, Artoo Detoo (R2-D2) (With Sensorscope) used 12, Bespin Security Guard (Black) used 01, TIE Fighter Pilot used 13, Cloud Car Pilot used 02 & 03, Luke Skywalker (Hoth Battle Gear) used 03, 4-LOM used 13, FX-7 (Medical Droid) used 08, Imperial Commander used 01, Bossk (Bounty Hunter) used 03, Chewbacca used 02, Darth Vader used 08, Luke Skywalker used 02 & 04, Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi used 04 and Stormtrooper used 03.

C-3P0 (Removable Limbs) has the bubble number 015 written across the bottom of the bubble rather than up the side. Also, the black plastic sack for the unassembled figure is loose whereas it is inside a clear plastic bag on later card variations. 

This card variation was the first card variation in the stock of unused cardbacks acquired by Toy Toni after the Palitoy factory closed and subsequently made into MOC with unused bubbles. The unused cardbacks were 500 Bossk (Bounty Hunter), 264 Imperial TIE Fighter Pilot and 66 Chewbacca. The numbers for Bossk (Bounty Hunter) and Chewbacca is a 50/50 split between Palitoy and German cardbacks as large quantities of mint MOCs exist for both and the original sales list of unused cardbacks did not differentiate well between ESB Palitoy and German cards. Also, both Palitoy and German cards for these figures were available for sale on Toni used both double stem and single stem doubles on these figures.

For TIE Fighter Pilot, he used a narrow double stemmed bubble which is different from the factory used double stemmed bubble shown above. The angle between the top of the double stemmed bubble and the sides of the double stemmed bubble is more pronounced on Tonis bubbles making them look more pointy, whereas on genuine double stemmed bubbles there is no angle and they don't look pointy. Toni also used a single stem bubble with no number and a single stem bubble with the wrong bubble number, 03 instead of 13, so this can be used to detect a Toni card. 

On Bossk he used a single stem bubble with no number which is taller and narrower than the genuine bubble with number 03. On Chewbacca he used a single stem bubble with no number which is taller than the genuine bubble with number 02. The bubble he used for Chewbacca is the one used on the 65D variation. The seals on Toy Toni cards are generally very weak and worsen with time, so older examples show signs of bubble lifting and air pockets in the seal. The seal on the TIE Fighter Pilot with single stem bubble number 03 above is quite poor.