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The KPS48E is the sixth Kenner card variation which features a Palitoy sticker on the back of the card. These stickers replaced the USA address for redeeming special offer mail aways on a variety of the Kenner cards from the ESB and ROTJ line with one for Coalville in the UK. The special offer in this instance is for a Free Nien Nunb. The sticker is the same one as is on the KPS48D. The sticker is shown enlarged below.

These Palitoy stickers are the most common and have been found on at least 13 different figures on Kenner cards.

The text at the top of the back of the card says 'STAR WARS Action Figures' on the first line, and then 'Collect all 48!' on the second line. This is different to the previous Kenner variation KPS48D which says 'STAR WARS' on the first line and 'ACTION FIGURES Collect all 48!' on the second line.

The POP (Proof of Purchase) on the back of the card has the factory code HN next to it, showing that the card was made in the Smile factory in Hong Kong.

There is also a sub variation of this card with the following minor differences.

The first difference is the punch next to the 2 lines of text at the top of the back of the card has no perforation compared to the perforated punch shown above.

The second difference is the POP (Proof of Purchase) on the back of the card has no factory code next to compared to the HN factory code shown above.

This card variation can also be found with a white wraparound Clipper sticker applied over the top of the white Palitoy sticker giving another double sticker example.