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Activities are toys that were aimed at younger children that involved doing things like colouring in and playing with plasticine. Due to the play and throw away nature of these toys, they are rare and it is difficult to find mint examples or examples at all for some of these items.

Palitoy produced a 3-D Poster Art set. You could colour in scenes from the Star Wars movies and make up a 3-D paper Darth Vader mask. The picture shown is from the catalogue as very few examples of this remain.

Palitoy produced 5 character masks designed to fit a small child. These masks are made of fragile breakable plastic, and again, very few survive due to the throwaway nature of the toy. Darth Vader can be seen bottom left, Stormtrooper is bottom middle, C3PO is bottom left, Sandpeople is middle right and Chewbacca is bottom right in the group of Star Wars masks pictured.

Palitoy produced a Star Wars themed Play-Doh Adventure Modelling set. The box for this features 2 small children playing with the set. The Palitoy logo is in the bottom right hand corner and the Play-Doh logo is in the top left hand corner. Again, it is difficult to pick these up with unused Play-Doh. Inside there are 2 containers of Play-Doh included. These have a yellow and pink lid and contain Play-Doh of the same colour as shown on the box. The one shown here has different coloured Play-Doh however and comes with green and red lids. The set also included 3 plastic shapes with Star Wars characters outlined which you could squeeze together that you could use to make figures with the Play-Doh. The figures you could make were Luke & a lightsaber, Leia & R2-D2 and Darth Vader & lightsaber as each plastic shape has 2 outlines.  There is also a flat piece of cardboard with a Star Wars space scene on it which you could stick your Play-Doh Star Wars figures on. This comes rolled up inside the box. A yellow spatula is also included for shaping the Play-Doh. Lastly there is white spaceship that a Play-Doh Luke and R2-D2 can be inserted into it that looks a little like the X-Wing Fighter.

Palitoy also produced a Palitoy logoed version of the Dip Dots painting set which is more commonly seen as Kenner. Again, these are very rare. This set featured 16 pages of Star Wars adventure scenes which could be painted, along with non spill Dip Dots paints and a paint brush. The front of the box features a child painting a scene of a TIE Fighter chasing an X-Wing. The back of the box has instructions for use along with another picture of 2 children painting a scene with C3PO. There is also mention of the Poster Art Set featured in the catalogue above, and also the Playnts Painting Set which featured 4 big posters and Playnts in four bright colours to colour them in.